Multiphase Systems: Models, Experiment, Applications
The VIII Russian Conference — the school for young scientists with international participation

The VIII Russian Conference School for Young Scientists
”Multiphase Systems: Models, Experiment, Applications“

is dedicated to the 300th anniversary of R.A.S., 90th anniversary of correspondent member of RAS, prof. M.A. Ilgamov and the jubilee of prof. R.Kh. Bolotnova

Ufa, Russia, June 24–28, 2024.

The main goal of the Conference is to present new theoreticl and experimental results on various fields of multiphase media mechanics. It will be orgamize lectionsa of leader scientists, discussions and scientific communication.

Topics of the Conference are based on problems which discovered by scientists at Mavlyutov Institute of Mechanisc.

Topics are

  • Multiphase media mechanics
  • Solid body mechanics an Interaction of constructions with working environments
  • Computational and analytical methods for solving mechanics problems
  • Mathematical simulations for problems about environmental protection and technological processes
  • Robotic systems functioning into multiphase media

Working languages: Russian and English.